Social media works best when interaction is occurring. What this means is that, we want to create and share content that people will 'like,' 'comment,' 'share,' 'repost,' and 'retweet.' We will interact with your audience on a daily basis. We want your audience to interact with us! We want your audience to tell their friends about your company, and we want them to know that your company cares about them too! 

The hardest part about this process is keeping up with multiple social media accounts while still engaging with your audience. That is what we are here for! We will maintain your accounts on a daily basis, constantly checking notifications throughout the day, to ensure that we don't miss out on a single interaction with a current or future customer. 

Although we may not be experts on what you're selling, we will ALWAYS correspond with your company before responding to any specific inquiries about your products/services to ensure accuracy. If the inquiry is too specific or requires an in depth response, we will always tell them to contact your company directly via e-mail or phone.

We will also provide your company with monthly Google Analytics reports so you can see the traffic going through your social media sites.

We are in the business of helping your business thrive!